Engineering specifications
The project of an automotive product contains a number of engineering standards and specifications determined by the vehicle assembler. Among these documents and specifications there is a significant number of test methods and requisites. CENIC laboratory offers its consulting services for analysis of test standards figuring in these documents.

Consultancy consists in:
• Understanding and identifying above test standards if worded in Portuguese, English or Spanish. For standards in other languages prior consultation will be necessary. It is part of our company’s routine to sign terms of confidentiality before being made privy to internal standards of other firms and corporations.
• Meetings (face-to-face visits or audio-conferences) for better understanding of required methodologies;
• Final report in which the objective of each test and a short summary of the methodology employed is presented, indicating the tests for which an immediate availability of equipments exists, or naming potential test laboratories for those tests not performed by CENIC Lab.

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IMPORTANT: the above service refers to a group of test standards regarding a product project. Cost estimates for individual tests and standards are elaborated at no previous cost whatsoever.