Laboratory CENIC

Equipments for mechanical tests 
. Hydraulic high performance MTS 27 kN actuator, versatile for multi angle application tests, vertical frame or bench mounted;
. More than 20 electric and hydraulic actuators with capacity of up to 20 kN and frequency of 0.1 to 90 Hz;
. INSTRON hydraulicactuator – 100kN;
. Hydraulicactuator – 450kN ;
. Universal test machine of 100 kN;
. Torsion test equipment (static and fatigue) with capacity of up to 200 Nm;
. Equipment testing transmission system durability of motorcycles, mopeds and similar (crown, chain, pinion);
. Test equipment for fretting corrosion;
. Rockwell hardness;
• Wear test machine for TMJ prosthesis;
• Frame for Horizontal and vertical Damping Force Characteristics and durability tests of railway shock absorbers.

Dimensional measurement equipments:
. Dimensional and magnification camera;
. Profile Projector.

Corrosion test equipment: 
. Salt spray chamber;
. 100% relative humidity test chamber;
. Drying oven;
. Autoclave;
. Chemical laboratory for metallurgical tests


Testing devices:
Apart from above equipments CENIC laboratory has a bench for testing devices, designed to adapt test components to the testing machines. It is part of our routine to design and manufacture new devices, in order to accommodate the peculiarities and test method of each product.