CENIC ATRIO (Technical and regulatory advice re orthopaedic implants):

ATRIO is a new business unit of CENIC laboratory specializing in technical and regulatory consulting regarding orthopaedic implants.

Technical expertise: 
. Indication of usage of the product;
. Biomechanics of treated region;
. Definition of critical models;
. Elaboration of critical engineering analyses of results obtained in respect to biomechanical or regulatory criteria.
. Evaluation of technical dossier elaborated by foreign partner or parent company.
Laboratorial expertise: 
. Longstanding tradition and more than 20 test equipments at the disposal of the company’s healthcare sector to justify the trust deposited in CENIC laboratory by our clients.
. ASTM / ISO / NBR test routes for various systems and components of the orthopaedic sector
. Accreditation ILAC – CGCRE (INMETRO) – International acknowledgement;
. REBLAS/ANVISA approval

Let us know your regulatory needs. We shall dedicate our fullest attention to ensuring your regulatory success with ANVISA. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 16 3371-5490